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Residential Design Guru joins the team……

Anything to do with houses and Vaughan’s your man!

Vaughan comes with unrivalled and unprecedented experience in residential house design and delivery. Having worked for David Wilson Homes as technical director for 15 years, followed by Antler Homes for 5 years.

At Wilsons Vaughan’s responsibilities were:

Design and detail new types including 3 storey houses, split levels, coach houses, feature houses etc. that are efficient in terms of ergonomics, construction, build-ability and land-take

Developed and maintained a portfolio of house types for the social housing director that conformed to the required standards and specifications of the RSLs

Optimise profitability: maximum design premium for minimum build cost

Pass designs to the technicians to be finished on CAD, and then check the drawings

Liaise with construction, surveying and procurement, progressing the technical specification

Liaise with the Regional technical staff to maintain and enhance corporate standards

Liaise with construction directors for feedback and information development

Liaise with the CEO and chairmen to continuously progress their product requirement

Provide continuity and support for the 5 successive group design/technical directors

Introduce and oversee innovative construction products, including some timber frame

Vaughan was responsible for managing and training the design team, a staff of 10. The department provided a comprehensive service to the 12 Regions (which built 6000 dwellings a year), including: house type design, planning drawings, working drawings, construction details, technical specification, kitchen layouts, B.Regs type approvals, risk assessments, computerised build release information, portfolio updates, advice, technical support, presentations, site visits, problem solving, etc. Vaughan has a special interest in sustainable or low energy architecture.